Maple Heights

Maple Heights is a Sprawl neighborhood near an eponymous Lev stop. It has neither maples nor heights, but it does contain at least one decent coffee shop.

The Calorie Bank: the center of social services and charity, such as they are in Maple Heights. They stockpile calories to distribute to people who are short of food in the neighborhood. 

Oak Park: right near the Calorie Bank is Oak Park – unnamed, but called that because it sports an enormous oak tree in the center. Well, it used to be the center, until it moved.

Lenny's Lockup: a private jail that is run by Lenny – actually, Lenny's niece Lenore. Anyway, it's the place to put criminals you've caught, as long as you can pay their tab. To keep someone in the Lockup, it is a Resources test against a difficulty of +2. If you fail, they just got out. If you succeed with style, maybe one of the big security corps decided to bring the criminal in for "questioning."

Brewed: a decent coffee shop that seems to be run by a very small, friendly cult called the Brood, composed of a single extended family, all with the same visible skull implant. 

Maple Heights

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