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Core Neighborhoods

Venture City's Core is its beating heart, economically and politically. The various forces and factions centered here often have their own supers on the payroll. The skyline is dominated by huge complexes like Mitsuhama Corporation's arcology and Aegis Security's techno-fortress, The Towers.

Sprawl Neighborhoods

The Sprawl is where most people live that's still technically part of Venture City. Wage-slaves and neighborhoods protected by private security firms – or not. The arms of The Lev, Venture City's maglev train system, reach out into the Sprawl, and people who live closer to a Lev stop are often better off than those farther out. 

Maple Heights

Kudzu Village


The Barrens

Rust-belt ruins, abandoned strip-malls, clear-cut former national forests, toxic dumps and sprawling private militia territories – the Barrens lie outside the Sprawl, and the only reason to enter them is because you are on your way elsewhere. The main signs of civilization are huge agri-factories where vast machines cultivate mono-cultures and process animals. 


The Game

We're using Fate Core and an adapted version of the Venture City setting.

City Creation is first, followed by Character Creation


Current Issues

Venture City Blackouts

Sinister Product Launch

Impending Issues

Aegis Biometric Tracker that can detect and track augmented persons

Mutant Plague-Rats coming in from the Barrens

Faces and Places


Aspects: Monsanto Gone Wrong, "Superfood", Captured Regrowth Once

The Hell-Hound

Aspects: Blackmailed, Everything Is Mean, What Happens in Hell Vegas Stays in Hell Vegas

Aegis Security

Aspects: Pure Mass-Market Blah, Pissed At the Rabbit-Eared Gadgeteer

The Manipulator

I'm Watching You, 

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