Character Creation

We're using a skill pyramid, with the top rank starting at +4. You have a starting refresh of 3, and 3 starting stunts, as well as 3 bonus stunts that must be spent on powers. 

To begin we'll choose high concept aspects and trouble aspects, then select powers, then skills, then whatever other stunts or extras…and this is Fate. That's about it. It's OK to leave the other three aspects blank and fill them in-game, unless players have strong ideas of what would fit. 

Creating Your Character and Powers

Hero Origins: Toxic Chemicals, Gamma Radiation, Cosmic Rays, Mutagens, X-Gene, Particle Accelerator Explosion, Ancient Wizard, Alien Civilization, Elder Gods, Being a God, Secret Government Experiment, Super Soldier Serum, Extreme Training, Esoteric/Occult Secrets, Blessing/Curse, Half-Human, Spirit Possession, Alien/Supernatural Artifact, Being Synthetic, Cult/Secret Society, Deal With the Devil, Implanted Cybernetics

Hero Types: (taken from Masks) The Beacon, The Bull/Heavy, The Delinquent, The Doomed, The Janus, The Legacy, The Nova, The Outsider, The Protege, The Transformed/Monster

Venture City Powers: Animal Control, Creature Summoning, Disguise, Duplication, Elasticity, Energy Absorbtion, Energy Blast, Flight, Gadgeteering, Harm, Healing, Illusion, Influence, Invisibility, Item Summoning, Machine Control, Material Mimicry, Natural Weapons, Phasing, Plant Control, Power Amplification, Power Nullification, Power Replication, Precognition, Regeneration, Shape-Shifting, Shielding, Slowing, Super Agility, Super Intelligence, Super Senses, Super Speed, Super Strength, Super Toughness, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Wall-Crawling, Weather Control

Fate Core Powers Catalog

Creating Your Own Powers

Character Creation

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